British Chamber of Commerce Kosovo

British Chamber of Commerce Kosovo

Membership Benefits

Benefits MatrixNew services

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Benefit Young Professional Associate Full UK Corporate International Corporate Patron
Access to BCCK & Associate Chamber Events at Preferential Rates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Details included in Membership Directory Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Membership Directory Limited Limited Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business ConciergeNew No Limited Yes Yes Yes Yes
Invitation to COBCOE Annual Gala Dinner No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Preferential Advertising Rates in Executive Living MagazineNew No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logo & Link on BCCK Website No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Preferential Sponsors Rates for BCCK EventsNew No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bring additional guests at Preferential Member Rate to BCCK Events No Yes (+1) Yes (+1) Yes (+3) Yes (+3) Yes (+10)
Discount at Radisson Edwardian HotelsNew No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lobbying Support No No Limited Limited Limited Yes
Voting Rights No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Preferential Rates for Advertorial Opportunities OnlineNew No No Discounted Discounted Discounted 6 per yr
News release space on No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Opportunity to propose speakers for EventsNew No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Opportunity to Organise Joint EventsNew No No 1 per yr 2 per yr 2 per yr 4 per yr
Opportunity to Sponsor COBCOE Events No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Economist SubscriptionNew No No No Yes Yes Yes
Opportunity for Membership on Board Advisory GroupNew No No No Yes Yes Yes
Seat at Top Table(s) at VIP Guest Events No No No Yes (Table 2) Yes (Table 2) Yes (Table 1)
Dissemination of B2B Promotions to MembershipNew No No No 1 per yr 1 per yr 1 per qtr

Descriptiom of Benefits

The majority of events run by the BCCK and associate Chambers offer two rates, “Members” and “Non-Members” that will reflect a cost saving for Chamber and BCCK Members.
As part of the wider COBCOE network this Members discount is extended to all COBCOE Chambers which presently includes 31 countries.If you are to book a place at an event with another Chamber then be sure to inform them that you are a member of the BCCK and to check with us for confirmation.

As a member your contact details and company information,
(where applicable), will be included in a membership directory which will be given only to eligible members in the Chamber network.
This will have the positive impact of making yourself known to new businesses looking for partners, suppliers or even human resources.

For Young Professional Members and Associate Members directory access is limited to contacts that companies specifically open for public information.
All other membership levels will enjoy access to contact information to all members as supplied without restriction.
It is NOT allowed to spam members with email marketing campaigns or other unsolicited sales approaches and abusing the directory will result in membership cancellation without refund.

This is an all new service offered to members and is designed to be an all-inclusive benefit that gives you real value for your investment.
As a member you will be assigned an account manager who will be available to assist you during working hours for your business needs such as:

  • Booking flights, hotels, and other travel arrangements
  • Checking for Chamber events in destination countries to involve you in
  • Inform you of potentially useful relationships in the Chamber network when you are preparing to travel to another COBCOE Chamber country
  • Facilitate email or telephone introductions to other Chamber members within Kosovo where appropriate
  • Assist in arranging meetings with potential partners, suppliers or customers internationally through CBOCOE Chamber network<
  • Keep you personally informed about BCCK activities and upcoming events<
  • Be aware of your business needs and alert to you any news that may be of business value to you, (open tenders, new members or investors etc.)<

Account Managers will be on hand to assist with an array of other needs you may have as they arise. Any services provided, such as booking flight tickets, will not incur additional charges but the ticketing provider or hotel etc. will be billing you directly. The BCCK will hold no responsibility for billing requirements.
The Business Concierge service is limited to email requests only for Associate Members but for Full Members upwards the Account Manager will be available directly in real-time, online, through the website live-chat support function as well as available on the telephone for personal support.

This is an annual event typically held in the stunning setting of the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall, London.
As it is the AGM Gala Dinner and Chambers Award Ceremony it is well attended by British business leaders, politicians, senior diplomats and leading Chamber members from around Europe.
With over 200 high level guests it is a unique networking occasion that can really help to unlock new market potential for your business.
Some companies even find that bringing their key clients along helps in relationship building and long term client retention as being part of this prestigious event is a great way to affirm good standing in a great network.

‘Executive Living’ forms the ultimate synergy between a top-end business magazine and a luxury lifestyle publication.
It is ideally targeted to meet the needs of the high-level European executive.
This bi-monthly magazine will generate a reputation for being the best place for the best placed executives to stay up-to-date on economic movements in the
South Western Balkans and Europe, share and discover business opportunities, interests and insights, be informed about up and coming superstars in the region and provide a conduit for disseminating information on a range of high profile business events and a source for hearing the latest thoughts from market-leading, opinion formers.

High level business content sits comfortably alongside a showcase of the latest lifestyle choices for world-class Executives; focusing on the best in luxury living, from travel, fashion and trends, entertainment, motoring and boating, capturing all that’s aspirational and must-have for our exclusive, high net-worth readership of CEOs and executives.

With it’s high production values and exclusive content, ‘Executive Living’ is the ultimate ‘coffee table’ publication and generate kudos and added value for any brand associated with it.


The Audience
‘Executive Living’ will work for advertisers as there is no comparable alternative in the market, that fuses the best in business and lifestyle trends.
It is a magazine of the highest quality, whose readers have the necessary income to buy the goods and services featured within its pages.
Couple this with a tailored distribution to 10,000 decision-makers connected across Europe by the British Chambers of Commerce Network and complimented with additional copies being available in exclusive retail outlets and executive lounges across airports in Europe.

We are currently developing the ‘Executive Living’ concept online allowing our advertisers even greater reach to our exclusive audience.

More information to follow.

Members of the BCCK will receive anywhere from 300 GBP to 500 GBP discount from advertising in the publication with additional multi-edition discounts available represent exceptional value for money for membership.

Not only does this provide prestigious exposure for your firm but the link to your site will also add to your search engine ranking optimisation efforts as you are linked to from a credible source.

Additionally, you may also place our logo on your site to promote yourself as a member of the BCCK allowing your visitors to see your affiliation and give them added peace of mind that you are an internationally thinking business. You will need to ask your Account Manager for the image file and usability guidelines.

Sponsoring BCCK events is a great way to promote your products and services to an active B2B network and so we pass on additional cost savings to members by allowing you to sponsor BCCK events at a discounted rate.

Most events have differing rate cards but in nearly all cases we aim to provide at least 20% savings for the members.

On occasion you may need to bring colleagues, guests, clients or other people of special interest to you along to BCCK events. In this case we permit members to bring such guests at the same rate as though they themselves were members. Whilst the number of guests you can bring at a preferential member rate is limited according to your membership level it does not prohibit you from bringing more guests; they will simply be billed at a “non-member” rate which is set according to each event.

Associate and Full Members may bring 1 non-member at the preferential rate; UK Corporate and International Corporate may bring 3 guests and Patrons may include up to 10 guests at a preferential rate. Please check with your Account Manager should you require clarification.

With hotels in London, Manchester, Birmingham and various other cities in the UK, all members (excluding Young Professionals), are entitled to a 10% discount on the “Best Available Rate” as shown on online booking rates as well as 20% discount on cafe’s and restaurant services within hotels when staying there. Please check with your Account Manager for bookings.

For Full members, UK Corporate and International Corporate lobbying activities are limited to letter writing when appropriate and introductions by email or phone as required on a case by case basis for assistance in matters where BCCK intervention and political support could assist.

For Patrons a more complete lobbying approach is available which includes accompaniment to meetings, personal introductions and activities as required and as appropriate within the remit of the BCCK.

Allows you to vote for qualified and nominated Board Members at the AGM as well as any other matters that require Membership majority or consensus according to the articles of association.

In addition to the website visibility we also have the ability to offer you paid for marketing services to segments of a large “opt-in” contact database to companies who have stated they wish to receive promotional information from the BCCK.

This can be in the form of an “Advertorial” in which a bulletin or newsletter style article can be disseminated to a targeted audience both on our website and via mass email. Please check with your Account Manager for rates and audience types.

As you disseminate press releases we will also publish them on the BCCK website as well as redistribute to media contacts as appropriate providing greater visibility of your news to the public.

If you have a topic that is relevant for the B2B network of the BCCK and that will bring value to the membership as a whole then you are free to propose speakers for the events we hold and in some cases we will be happy to hold a purpose-made event for a particular speaker if it is appropriate to the audience. Check with your Account Manager for details.

If your company is seeking to promote a product or service to a particular audience then we can also investigate the opportunity to organise a joint event. For example, you may be interested in targeting the textile buyers in the UK and require our support and engagement to arrange a London based event to attract buyers and professionals in that industry giving you a greater reach into the market.

An excellent publication for any business and as part of our partnership with the Economist Magazine you can now enjoy a free annual subscription delivered to your office on a weekly basis. This represents excellent value for money and will keep you right up to date with the latest economic news and views.

During the course of each membership year an advisory group for the Board will be created from qualified and willing members who will convene on a quarterly basis to assist in developing sector and special interest activities relevant to the membership.

With the BCCK hosting VIP’s and VVIP’s placements at the top table(s) for lunches and dinners are reserved for qualifying members. The privileged positions are particularly useful for expanding high level networks, furthering lobbying initiatives and opening the scope of business opportunities.

Reaching the membership with announcements of your products or services to directly promote your business in an email article or mail campaign can bring direct B2B marketing benefits to your organisation. This service is limited to prevent spam and ensure valued relevance. Should an exception be required for additional promotions then requests via your Account Manager will be reviewed on a case by case basis.